The Book is done!


I have been away from this blog for quite a long time now, being busy with the completion of all the illustrations required for the book.

It’s a school assignment but I am very proud of myself for completing it all and am also very pleased by the results. We will be editing the book and its layout next year, but we already setup the size and the specifics. This one is going to be 21×21 cm, 16 pages plus cover and it features a traditional italian fairytale about an ogre with miraculous feathers. The hero is sent by the king to get a feather that would make him heal from a deadly desease. On the way to the ogre’s cave he meets and rescues various characters. At the end the ogre gets stuck in a boat hence he’s defeated.

These are not all the illustrations I made because some make no sense without the text. Many have a rectangular size because cover two pages (so 21×42). I hat to take pictures because the images were too big to scan for my little A4, sorry for the poor image quality.

Please leave your comments, I’d really love to read your feedback and advices.

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