About Me

I am about to add more pages to this blog, so I guess I have to fill this About Me page as well…

My name is Silvia Di Giovambattista, I live in Cerveteri and work in Rome (Italy).

I am graduated in Art High School (Liceo Artistico, 1990) and at Upter for Oil Painting (2006) with Maestro Luciano Santoro. I am currently studying Illustration at the Scuola Internazionale di Comics in Rome.

Idon’t do this for a-living, although I wish I could.

I joined 2 Exibitions: in Ladispoli (October 2007) with fellow artist Giuseppe Postiglione and in Rome at Galleria Cassiopea on March 2008 with other Italian artists.

I also participated to the event Notte Bianca al Quadraro, September 2008, and Liberarte! II, December 2009.

I paint, draw and sketch for fun, although the creative process is always quite painful for me. Some of my artwork is sold, some is given for present, some is done on request, some it’s just hommage, many pieces are hanging on my livingroom walls.