The Secret Project – Ilustrarte 12

Lately I have been working on this set of illustrations that I just shipped over to Lisbon for the Ilustrarte 12 competition.

I kept all the progresses for myself because I wanted to see if I could deliver, nobody but 3 good friends of mine knew about it, and I was afraid of anybody else comments, either good or bad.

I have never been a fan of children illustration, I always thought the vast majority of it was naive an not original, with little room for challenge and thought provoking images, but I had to change my mind when I searched for some inspiration and when I checked the work of the 50 selected illustrator of the previous edition of this competition.

No theme was assigned so I thought about children playing and so I came up with this idea for Playing Cards Playing (the actual title of the pieces).

You can check the competition details at

I am not 100% satisfied with the results but the first challenge was to give myself the chance to participate and see if, with a little discipline, I could send the illustrations in time. I did it! And I am super happy about it.

If I didn’t spend a fortune so send them, I would have bought myself a gift.

I’d like to hear your comments!

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