An assignment.

So we started a new subject at school. They call it Perspective but it is actually how to learn to draw environments. In class we were asked to draw two people in an environment. I draw 3 in a shop: 2 in line at the cash counter and another behind it. Must be because I would like to go shopping…? Anyway I don’t have the drawing as the teacher took it away.

Then he gave us an assignment for next thursday. The purpose is to understand the process of creating a drawing:

Space, Masses, Shapes, Details.

He gave us a drawing from the comic master Jacovitti

We had to draw the square in a big sheet of paper twice and fill both of them with the object masses, as if they were beans.

Then in one we had to draw the original image. This is what I made, still needs to be refined and inked.

In the second square I had to draw something based on the existing masses, so I had an idea and decided to draw some fishes. I made a sketch on the train back home:

And then, back home, I made it with colored pencils.

It’s been fun.


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