Ink achievement.

As I said in my last post, this school is giving me the opportunity to experiment techniques I never approached before and before this last work I have been enjoying it  very much, mainly because it wasn’t very hard for me to understand how to make those drawings. When I draw and the result is good my heart beats so hard I am afraid my fellow students would hear it. (I wonder why I constantly forget this feeling when I am not drawing)

But for this piece I have been fighting against my poor experience, I have faced failure.

The first time I sat at the desk with the ink pen in my hand and the blank sheet in front of me I said “bids are open on how many times I will re-start this from the beginning”. It’s really been very hard to put the very first stroke of pen on paper.

The first one was a copy of the Capitol Gooses (legend says that In Rome the gooses saved the city), but the result was very very bad. So when I got half way through I decided to change subject.

I have found a beautiful picture of a Putto from the Versailles Gardens and I tried to make something similar to a banknote. However lines should have been very straight and parallel, which I failed to make.

Finally I chose this picture from the Ramses II temple in Abu Simbel, Egypt, and apparently all that previous exercise paid off and the drawing went on very quickly. It isn’t finished yet, I will have to complete it tomorrow night in class and give it to the teacher for evaluation.

I am very happy that all that previous work and, mostly, my constance and stubbornness, got me here. Now I  know I can use inks. And I also got to make a world tour…


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