Veronica The Warrior

Veronica is one of my best friends.

I can’t remember when I met her the first time, it must be somewhen in the 90s. We still hang around together and she introduced me to her world of dark clubs and new age music. I sometimes join her in those nights out made of people dressed in black.

We are different in many ways but similar in many others and during all those years we have learned to share also the deepest thoughts and feelings, sure that the person in front of us won’t judge us as everyone seems to do.

She’s a precious thing and I wanted to celebrate her by painting her portrait.

I have just finished this painting (after many months when it’s been looking at me from the easel, with my deep shame for my laziness) and I took a picture with the webcam, so I’m sorry for the poor quality of the image.


One thought on “Veronica The Warrior

  1. She must have a very strong and brave personality for you to call the painting veronica the warrior. I also hate it when I can’t find the strength to work on a painting that I want to finish. I am sure your friend will appreciate the artwork you made for her.

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