On a Sunday morning

Hello viewers,

for a charge I am not posting a drawing today because I would like to update you with what’s going on with my artistic life, if you are interested.

I came to a very important decision and I am making a plan to change my life in the next couple of years. I would like to have a career in art.

Seems like  that 2012 curse could lead to the end of the world, so I’ll make it the “time wasted world ending”. I am working as an employee, and this is my 13th year in the same company. I really like the company, the boss, the colleagues and my job, but I feel like this is not what I want to do when I “grow up” (yeah, as if I’m not grown up at 38, but whatever).

I am wandering around with my eyes open to search for what I would like to be my ideal job. Unfortunately in my country art is underestimated, in spite of what one may think of Italy, traditional painting and exhibitions are for the same old crew of old people that is only there to make money without a real project.

Luckily, instead, art (especially digital) is really international and, thanks to the web, affordable for masses.

I am waiting for your suggestions and advices.

Thanks a lot for listening



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